As Kenes Rakishev wasting money elite of Kazakhstan continues to provide documentary evidence that all the business success of Kazakh tycoon Kenges Rakishev nothing more than a "bubble". She pays for hundreds of articles in the media about herself as a successful investor, a financial genius from Kazakhstan. This is done primarily for the" top " of Kazakhstan, the immediate environment of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, the son-in-law of the last Timur Kulibayev, whose funds in reality and invests Rakishev. He can't tell all these people that he just wasted their gigantic capital. 

In the last publication we started the story about the main "soap bubble" of Rakishev - the company Net Element. Widely advertised profitable investment Rakisheva, in fact, was a dubious project of two murky dealers-Francesco Piovanetti and Mike Zoe. In reality, Net Element at the time of purchase Rakishev was a " hodgepodge "of many Inteet resources, including the site of the actor of the" Godfather " James Kaan and a music service with the content of the composer Igor Krutoy. To justify himself to real investors, Rakishev began to buy other projects, but they all tued out to be as questionable as the whole Net Element. The company suffered losses, the price of its shares whistled falling on the stock exchange. The real sorry state of Affairs tried to compensate with the paid articles in mass media and loud statements for the next successful purchase.

Thus, during a conference call with investors, Oleg firer, CEO of Net Element in 2014, talked about the exciting prospects of The company as a mobile payment operator in Russia and in the former Soviet Union. But the losses continued in 2014. In February 2014, the Director of Net Element wrote to Rakishev that if The company does not receive an emergency financial infusion, "the business will not last 10 days." This follows from the correspondence Rakisheva, which flowed into the network. As a result, Rakishev, who held the post of President of Net Element, did not dare to throw away the funds of the Kazakh elite again, but attracted money from investors from Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan. Despite this, Net Element continued to plummet downwards.  Francesco Piovanetti and Mike Zoe decided to get rid of the remaining shares of Net Element, put them on the stock exchange, after which the value of the securities of the "bubble" Rakishev collapsed to indecent indicators.

According in the bunch of problems "drowned" Oleg firer. In letters to Rakishev, he constantly complained that he had big problems because of his former business partner Leon Goldstein.

The court case of Florida shows that, even though the firer was led by Net Element, he endured years of litigation related to its partnership with Goldstein. They are associated with huge loans at high interest received for investment in a network of bookstores selling poographic books for adults.

            It is worth noting that with the filing of Rakishev, the Caribbean island of Grenada in 2016 appointed Firer as its Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in Russia.

Rakishev was not lucky with other technological enterprises, which he financed in partnership with former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. We are talking about the company Sirin Labs, which struggled to release a smartphone designed to protect against listening by the govement. It all ended in failure.

Having lost $ 10 million or $ 5 per share in 2017, Net Element was again looking for new funding. In December 2017, the value of Net Element shares jumped to $ 33 when The company announced that it was part of the blockchain business – a company owned by Michael Wax's sister and wife. VAX, in tu, was suspended from the banking and brokerage industry in 1997 after pleading guilty to fraud with Chase Manhattan Bank in the amount of $ 20.8 million.

It seems, well, at least with the blockchain at Rakishev's company everything tued out perfectly? Don't count on that. According to the information cooperation with Baccano, which Net Element announced in a press release dated December 20, with the pioneers of cryptocurrency Bunker Capital, were insensibly abolished, according to the application 8-K filed shortly thereafter.       

To be continued

Timothy Zabiyakin

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